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Monthly oracle readings + blog updates & more.


A reading with me is like having an intimate chat with your closest friend – the one who knows and understands all your innermost secrets without you needing to say a word.

It’s the comfort of having your most personal emotions and aspirations expressed on paper so that you can familiarize yourself with what’s going on in your heart.

Of course, knowing and understanding yourself is only one part of the puzzle.

I use my psychic ability, innate sensitivity and fascination with getting to know people, combined with the cards, for uniting your higher self, the wise soul inside of you that knows all, with your conscious self, who may still be confused, lost, or in the dark.

The cards generate surprising insight, advice you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. The ultimate goal of a reading is to spark enlightened solutions and informed decision-making, so that you plan your future life from the vantage point of the ideal you.

If I unveil where you’re headed in the future, it’s not to seal your fate, but to help you refine your choices and establish a life path that is more harmonious with who you really are on the inside.

We will work best together if you understand that this requires work, change and evolution.

Transcendence is a desire to go beyond who you are in the now. I reveal the insight to spark the change, but it’s up to you to take it in, put it into practice, and challenge yourself to become a better you.

If you appreciate deep insight, are comfortable being open and vulnerable, and always aspire to be the best, we’ll work perfectly together.

Take in my offerings here.


Here’s a look at what I don’t offer:

  • spirit guides or angels
  • chakras
  • “fate” or past lives
  • soulmates, twin flames, etc
  • mediumship/contacting the dead
  • readings about the thoughts, feelings, or intentions of anyone besides yourself. You can ask me how to improve a relationship, but you can’t ask me to “mind-read” that person.

I will not read on anything best left to qualified professionals. Legal & health issues are off limits.

Readings will be delivered via email within 4 business days. 

Refunds will not be given for readings already completed.

About Me

I am a free spirit.

My name is Sonja, I’m 30 years old & have always been drawn to mystical topics. I got my first Tarot deck in high school, but Tarot really clicked for me at the age of 22 when I started participating at Aeclectic Tarot Forum. My threads on there got incredibly popular, and still are, so I have finally decided to go pro. (To be honest, my cards told me to do it.)

I’m a divination addict who has experimented with a crazy amount of methods, including iPod readings, meditation, bibliomancy, runes, Iching, oracle cards, etc, etc. They all work. Just for kicks, I want to try a crystal ball at some point.

In my spare time, I study inter-sectional feminism, psychology (especially when it comes to relationships), interior design & am a solo traveler. 🙂

Looking forward to reading for you!