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Introducing Your Inner Child Tarot Spread

inner child work tarot spread

The below tarot spread is meant to be an introductory point for getting intimately acquainted with your Inner Child. It focuses on analyzing the personality traits of your inner child so that you understand yourself on a deeper level.

Introducing Your Inner Child Tarot Spread

1. Your inner child’s hopes & fears

This position describes unconscious fears and/or hopes that should be addressed and put into perspective for you to function healthily.

2. An area of life your inner child causes trouble in

Where and how is your inner child stumbling or insecure? What issue is painful for you to look at because you’ve always been sensitive in this area? What is your inner child worried about?

3. How to nurture your inner child in that area

What is the adult perspective that will hold your inner’s child hand and reassure them that everything will be okay?

4. Where to set limits on your inner child

What immature tendencies do you need to set boundaries on? This is where your inner child wants firm discipline.

5. Where to let your inner child run free

What childlike tendencies should you set free? What do you judge or shun about your inner child that you need to be softer about?

6. Gifts that will arise from understanding your inner child

What potential positives will you observe when you understand, nurture, and comfort your inner child?


If you tried the spread and want to discuss the cards you pulled for the personality of your inner child, please leave a comment!







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